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Meet C2C Neighbors: Sarah, Robert and Anna Casten

C2C Neighbors Since: 2011

Why did you become a C2C Neighbor family?

We really believed in the vision of C2C, the idea of teaching someone to fish instead of giving them a fish. The idea of Petit Goâve serving as a model for other communities in Haïti and beyond really resonated with us.

C2C’s motto is “Come Inspired, Leave an Inspiration.” What inspires you?

The idea of being part of something greater than ourselves,for us, is inspiring. When we can be part of a place and a project to which we don’t have any real personal ties, but we can see that through the initiatives, the work is getting done; work that is not just affecting one or two people, but a whole community – this ripple effect for us, is inspiring. It’s a very powerful concept to think of a group of people teaching a village, a village teaching a country, and then a country teaching other countries.

What does being a C2C Neighbor mean to you?

Becoming a C2C Neighbor means being fully committed to the vision and wanting to give in a way that makes a difference. Since living in California, we can’t give so much of our time, so we give financially to help make Petit Goâve self-sufficient. In addition to that, we
give our prayers to whatever is needed for the organization and the community.