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Meet C2C Neighbor: Lucrezia Robinson

C2C Neighbor Since: 2011

Why did you become a C2C Neighbor?

I’ve come to embrace what C2C is doing for the people of Haïti, but also how they do it. By having team members that work directly with the people they’re trying to help, they’re doing it differently than other established non-profits I’ve seen.

What is your hope for the people of Petit Goâve?

My vision is that they don’t have to struggle just to get basic necessities like water. That they could somehow be protected against Mother Nature and what they can’t control through a strong, reforested mountainside. For them to be self-sufficient in their own way; not in a way we dictate as self-sufficiency. For them to have a school that is more than a sheet over their children’s heads. I want them to be able to know that C2C is there bringing the strength and commitment of people that come from the USA to help them make their world better. Knowing that we have their back and having that be uplifting to them.

What have you gotten as a result of being a C2C Neighbor?

Being a C2C Neighbor has taught me to look at the journey, not the destination. I’ve learned that to “walk the talk” with integrity and honesty doesn’t come easily, but anything worthwhile is worth doing, no matter how long it takes. I can see the true power of community and the difference that giving in small ways can make.